Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Competitive eating has been practised for well over a century. It takes the form of organised contests in which contestents, sometimes known as "gurgitators", force as much food as possible down their throats within a set time limit. What better way is there to pass the boring reality of weekdays than to watch your friends nearly make themselves sick trying to digest a stupid amount of greasy food?

Eating Contest #1: The Sing-Li Challenge
Jack Deeks Vs. David Murphy
Monday 7th April 2008

Sing-Li is a Brighton fish 'n chip shop, just up the road from the station, that is stuck in some bygone age where cans of coke are 50p and the food is equally as cheap. To complete this challenge, the contestant must finish all the following items of food:

- 1x Large haddock
- 1x Large cod
- 1x Large portion of chips
- 1x Buttered roll
- 1x Large battered sausage
- 1x Battered burger

Their pure determination is evident

It all gets a bit too much for Mr. Deeks

WINNER: David Murphy

Eating Contest #2: The KFC Challenge
Tom Cater Vs. Conal Thomas
Tuesday 8th April 2008

For this contest, the challengers must eat a shitload of dirty chicken, supplied by London Road's bright and harmonious KFC outlet. They must completely demolish the following:

- 1x Family bucket of chicken
- 4x Large portions of chips
- 1x Large portion of coleslaw
- 1x Large portion of baked beans

Mr. Thomas dips into the pure bliss of KFC coleslaw

Conal buckles under the pressure

Cater finishes his last piece of greasy chicken..

..And the rest of his cold chips

WINNER: Tom Cater