Tuesday, 21 October 2008

You Ain't Grinding 'Til You Tired..

With that tattooed tear, the Kurt Cobain reference and that t-shirt, the Game is proving to be a bit of an emo fag really. Maybe he's the next Cage? This tune is gully though - Lil' Wayne has such a soulful voice..

Sunday, 19 October 2008

If I Had Silly Money..

Old fuckin' school..

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Motion Sickness..

So last Saturday night I headed off to Motion in Bristol. Within ten minutes of standing outside, I was given a bottle of cider and guestlist details by pissed-up strangers - This was an indication of good things to come. There was a metal detector and a sniffer dog outside which seemed a bit much but once I got inside it felt more like a rave than a club and everyone was chewing their lips off. The main room is a skatepark in the day and absolutely massive and the garden is sick as well with shitloads of space. Maybe it was the fact I'd just avoided paying fifteen quid entrance fee or the effects of the crushed up gurner I'd put in my rum and coke but the vibe was dope. I saw some hipsters trying to fight which was quite amusing.

Midnight Jugganaughts played in the main room and they were pretty good - I've never heard them on record but in my state they sounded like a cross between Justice and Arcade Fire, which is probably a completely inaccurate description. Late Of The Pier played after this and they were also good, though the singer looked like the kind of self-important indie tosser you want to punch.

Digitalism finished the night off and despite all the shit I talk about that kind of music, I ended up dancing 'til the cows came home (..six). They played some remix of MGMT's Kids, which got every Vice Magazine electro art-fag student in Bristol to "get involved", as someone not quite as cool as me might say. In fact, the only bad thing about this night was the toilet queues, where pilled-up losers (you know the kind) subjected me to some of the most inane and annoying conversations I have ever heard in a club toilet. No, I don't want to buy some "gnarly ket".. Leave me alone.

Love you long time Motion... Will be returning soon.