Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Thank Fuck For Russia..

Taken from an article on the Kerrang website

Emo and goth to be made illegal in Russia

The Russian government is in the process of drafting a law to make emo and goth music illegal.

Last month a parliamentary committee was convened to discuss a draft proposal of the Russian government's Government Strategy In The Sphere Of Spiritual And Ethical Education bill, the details of which were leaked to The Moscow Times. The newspaper subsequently reported that, among other things, the draft bill dubbed the musical movements a "dangerous teen trend" and called for emo and goth websites to be regulated and young people dressing like emos or goths to be banned from entering schools and government buildings.

The newspaper interviewed one of the bill's authors, Igor Ponkin from the Russian Interior Ministry's Public Oversight Council. Ponkin called emo a "social danger" and "a threat to national stability" and said the bill is a reaction to teen suicides such as the tragic death of British teenager Hannah Bond.

"This type of behaviour is a crucial part of emo ideology," said Ponkin. "Of course there are emo teens who just listen to their music. But our actions are not directed at them but rather at those who also hurt themselves, commit suicide and promote those acts."

The Moscow Times also interviewed psychologist Inna Cherkova who said:

"Suicide is not a symptom of emo culture. I work with other teens too, and every group has emotionally troubled kids."

However, the bill is expected to become law in Russia before the end of the year.

The commies are lightyears ahead of us when it comes to social policy. Of course, the best thing about this article is the comments. Here's one from some angsty loser named "Benji":


If i lived in russia they'd hate me so muchhhh,
I'd dress up like an emo just to piss em off lawl.
Government sucks,
Chavs suck,
Society now a days sucks,
EVerything sucks,
But so what.
Who cares how mesed up this world is,
I dont.
I'm punk,
I shouldn't care,
But government piss me off so much.

You tell 'em man. I'm glad to see punk's not dead.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Well I Never..

Seriously, is he on crack or something?