Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Jihad Jokes..

One thing that really makes me laugh is this so-called "militant" Islam nonsense. Okay.. So they might have made us the butt of their little Jihad joke with the 7/7 bombings (though they could've done a lot better) but let's have a look at how incompentent these stupid pieces of shit really are.

First we have the 21/7 bombers, whose bombs failed to go off in the London Underground due to a Mr. Muktar Ibrahim cocking up the explosive mix. You'd think that if you went to all the time and effort to bomb infidels, you'd make sure the fucking things worked. They later claimed they just wanted to scare the public a bit.. The whole thing reeks of attention starved childhoods and I'm sure Allah is pissing himself with embarassment.

Next we have big man on campus Mr. Bilah Abdulla and his gang of try-hards. After failing to "blow up all the slags" at Tiger Tiger nightclub (he was probably pissed off his wife won't give him head), he manages to petrol bomb himself after impaling his vehicle on a metal post at Glasgow airport.

And just recently in the news, we hear of Nicky Reilly, who accidently blows himself half to fuck with a nailbomb in a toilet cubicle in Exeter. To be fair, he did have the mental age of a 10-year-old, but someone in the terrorist recruitment agency really needs a lesson in suitable candidates to brainwash because special needs Holy War just doesn't cut it.

The question isn't why are these extremists doing it, but why are they so fucking bad at it?

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